Why a Magic Mirror!

  • It’s a totally new idea that your guests will probably not have seen before at other weddings or events and will definitely add that WOW factor to any special event or occasion.
  • Mirrored Screen shows guests in real time interacting with the booth.
  • Touch screen interface used to start the booth and signing photos
  • All the equipment is hidden and it looks amazingly stylish
  • Chose between 1 and 3 or 4 photos on the customised photo.
  • Can be set up in 10 minutes

The Magic Mirror is a brand new event and photography concept, which features a photo booth, concealed behind a magic mirror. How it works: Guests can see their reflection in the mirror.  Animations play to guide them to touch the glass and even sign their name on the mirror!  The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and guests receive an instant personalised print.

The Magic Mirror is the latest photo booth concept. Launched in 2016, the Magic Mirror is sweeping the nation. This glamorous selfie mirror captures full length photos using a touch screen reflective screen. Strike a pose then customise your pictures using the on screen paint pad. Your pictures are printed in less than 10 seconds

Magic Mirror Hire, Dave Spink Photography & Film


One of the most exciting features our Mirror Booth is the optional, built-in Signing & Stamping Feature. Guests love having the ability to personalise their keepsake with this unique and interactive feature.
When the Signature feature is included guests will have the ability to draw or sign their name directly on the mirror, which will then be printed out on the final image.


We’ve designed a wide range set of stylish print designs for you to choose from that you can customise with your own message. From vintage or retro to moderns and plain-and-simple, we have it covered. We also offer a bespoke design service, so if you want something extra special we can help you out with that too. Of course, you’re most welcome to design your own as well and we’ll gladly send you some templates to work with.

OVER 400 Custom Animations

The Mirror Booth comes 100’s of premium animations. All animations were drawn exclusively for this booth.

Each and every animation has been especially created to offer bright and colorful graphics that will engage your guests. These animations are ready-to-use, tailored to specific events and even offered in a variety of different languages.
All animations include professionally recorded voice-overs.



Enclosed Retro Wedding Photo Booth Hire or Open Air Magic Selfie Mirrors, Which will you book?

If you have ever seen a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror you will know how popular, enjoyable and sometimes even addictive they can be for your guests. 40% of UK weddings now have one It is becoming another form of entertainment for your guests, and also a fun way to capture the mood and memories of your special day. If you haven’t seen one or you’re still to experience the Magic Mirrors a Photo Booth for your event will add something really special to the occasion that can be cherished for years to come.



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