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Wedding Videography Yorkshire

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most magical moments of your life, but between the planning and preparation, and the intricacies of the event itself, a wedding can also be one of the busiest and most emotionally charged occasions you’ll ever experience.

Understandably, it can be difficult to remember – or sometimes even notice – many of the smaller details and happenings of the event. Opting for a wedding video affords the opportunity to enjoy a beautifully composed and complete record of your day.

Why choose wedding videography in Yorkshire?

When it comes to wedding videography Yorkshire has played breath-taking host to our own award-winning team at more than 2000 weddings over the last twenty years, so at Dave Spink Photography we understand the importance of capturing the details. With so many guests, duties and emotions whirling around, the day can easily turn into a blur. As such, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see an upward trend in the number of couples opting to record the occasion.



But just what is it that makes a wedding video such a great choice?

Unparalleled storytelling

By filming throughout the day, your wedding photographer will be able to poignantly capture and bring to life the raw emotions and nuances of celebrations as they happen.

The moments that matter

A wedding film allows you to relive even the smallest of treasured moments, including those that you might have missed the first time around.

Storytelling your way

Each film is carefully tailored to individual style, personality and preference, allowing you to sit back and soak up the atmosphere long after the last guest leaves.