So whats different about Dave Spink

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to provide the ultimate wedding experience, and to bring fun and smiles to your memories for years to come!

Our technology

We use only the best, we're constantly investing in new technology to try and keep at the forefront of our industry.  HD Videos and Only professional level equipment used here.  You'll never find any of our staff with lens envy.  No DVD quality here only the best.  Want better ask about 4K videos


At Dave Spink Photography we're confident that you'll not find anyone offering the same service for less.  With over 1000 weddings and a 1000 events covered, our expertise and reputation is second to none.  £ for £ we don't think we can be beaten.  

Find someone offering the same for less we want to know.

Gift of a wedding

In addition to our regular services, we are also very proud to say that we have the privilege and great pleasure of working alongside the charity Gift of a Wedding.  We're honoured to supply our services to brides and grooms who've been put in touch with Gift of a Wedding due to their terminal illness. Gift of a Wedding are an incredible charity who do great work for every couple they're put in contact with. If you know someone who might be planning a short notice wedding due to a terminal illness please get in touch with the charity for further details.

Dave and Hannah are Leeds ambassadors - If you have an old wedding dress you'd like to donate please get in touch to find out how


At Dave Spink Photography, we're not just one person.  There is no need to worry about the team being sick.  We have staff and equipment on standby for every wedding and event.

Future Proof

All our work is digital and copyright free.  We ensure the you can use your images and films how you wish.  Make copies, share with family and friends.  Not only that but its Future Proofed, no VHS wedding video scenarios here.